Menu Informaton

No MSG in used in our kitchen. Our sides and our sauce are all gluten free.

BBQ sauces
We serve 3-choices, Sweet, Tangy, or Hot. All sauces are gluten free.

Baby Back Ribs
We serve Danish Crown baby back ribs imported from Denmark. They are fed barley not corn. Barley turns to lean meat and corn turns to fat. The meat literally falls off the bone. No hormones or steroids added. Danish Crowns are the ‘filet mignon’ of baby backs.

St. Louis Style Ribs
Traditional Spare Ribs, closely trimmed and juicy. A slab of ST Louis will feed about 4 people. Meaty spare ribs smoked in house.

Our Chicken
Our chicken is house smoked in house, on the bone. One serving is ¼ chicken (2 Pieces)

Carolina Pulled Pork
Carolina pulled pork is the most popular pulled pork in America. We finish it with a touch of tangy sauce and makes a great slider on the roll that comes with every meal.

Our Beef is eye of round. It is smoked and sliced thin. A very lean cut of beef.

Sliced Pork
Sliced pork is smoked fresh, in house. Very moist.

Our Smoker
All meat is smoked on blackjack oak. A very dense wood that burns low and slow.

Our Sides
All our sides are made fresh, in-house. Not pre-packed, not heat and serve.

BBQ Beans
Our in-house BBQ baked beans are sweet and meaty. Pressure cooked from scratch.

Sweet and tangy and made in-house.

Potato Salad
Made in-house from baked potatoes with a tangy dressing. (no eggs)

Mac & Cheese

Veggie options
We cook Field Roast Artisan Vegan sausages. Smoked Apple Sage or Italian.